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Our search engine is organised into three levels of items and sub-items for each of the two sectors: Post and Telecommunications. Please choose an item and/or sub-item to obtain results.

Please note

Opinions and decisions adopted by Arcep are regularly published in their entirety on our web site.

Opinions and decisions involved in a current procedure-opinions on government bills, draft decrees or orders, decisions regarding the examination of public network authorisations, decisions regarding dispute settlement procedures-are mentioned, and sometimes published, only upon completion of the procedure.

To know

Arcep's Executive Board has been organised into three distinct bodies, each with distinct duties and powers :

- One body (referred to in French as "RDPI") is responsible for settling disputes, legal proceedings and investigations: initiating the procedure, issuing formal notices, notifying the statement of objections.

- A second, so-called restricted body (referred to in French as "FR"), deliberates on decisions to impose or not impose penalties.

- For all other decisions and opinions, the seven Arcep 's members deliberate in plenary session.