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Last update 10th July 2018
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Are you a Consumer?  

Questions or concerns? ARCEP's consumer affairs website is there to answer your questions

A Problem With Your Telecom Operator?

Smiley A guide to resolving complaints Smiley

A Problem With Your Postal Service?

Smiley ARCEP's guide to resolving complaintsSmiley

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ARCEP's Consumer relations unit Smiley

ARCEP for Consumers

ARCEP's Powers and Responsibilities

Smiley What does the Law say ? Smiley

Dialogue with Institutions

Smiley The consumer affairs commitee  Smiley

ARCEP's Actions

Smiley Report on mobile coverage and quality of service in FranceSmiley

Smiley 30 proposal for improving consumer offers Smiley

Smiley Mobile price index (responsibility assigned to ARCEP by the INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies))  Smiley

ARCEP Keeping Consumers Informed

Pratical Guides on Indoor Fibre Installations

Smiley for (co)property owners, tenants, lessors, property managers Smiley

Smiley for contractors and construction industry companies Smiley

Consumer Affairs Articles Published in Les cahiers de l'ARCEP

Smiley Regulating with consumers in mind Smiley
Smiley Consumer support Smiley
Smiley Sustainable development Smiley


Smiley Milestones, year by year Smiley

The Postal Sector

Smiley Quality of the universal postal serviceSmiley

Smiley Universal postal service tariffsSmiley

Smiley Universal postal services (lettre verte economical two-day service, small items)

Smiley Operator postmarkSmiley

Smiley ARCEP's guide to resolving complains Smiley

The Telecoms Sector (1)

Superfast Broadband

Smiley Fibre Smiley

Quality Of Service

Smiley Mobile networks Smiley

Smiley Wireline networksSmiley

Smiley Internet accessSmiley


Smiley Fixed numbers Smiley

Smiley Mobile numbersSmiley

The Telecoms Sector (2)

  National Coverage

Smiley Mobile Smiley

Smiley Broadband and superfast broadband Smiley


Smiley Mobile price index Smiley

Smiley The Eurotariff (roaming) Smiley


Smiley Social tariffs for telephone services Smiley

Numbers starting with 08 and short numbers Smiley

Smiley The disabled and accessibility Smiley

Smiley Frequencies, environmental and health concerns Smiley