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High-speed Internet Observatory - 1st Quarter 2006 - Provisional results

Last update 31th May 2006

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1) High-speed Internet figures for the 1st quarter 2006 – provisional results

At 31 March 2006, there were 10.5 million high-speed Internet subscriptions in France, for a 11.2% rise over the end of the 4th quarter 2005. As the last quarter, the number of subscriptions grew about one million in three months. ADSL, which represents the majority of connections, supports 9.9 million subscriptions.

The number of high-speed Internet subscriptions increased in one year for 3.2 million, representing an annual growth of 43.3%.

2) Methodology notes

These figures are provisional; they are based on data received from major Internet access providers (IAPs). Missing data is sometimes replaced with estimates.

ARCEP will publish the final results for the first quarter in its Market Observatory on 8 September 2006.