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Year 2018 - Key Dates

2nd August  New Deal Mobile

Implementation of new mobile coverage targets: Launch of the frequency reallocation procedure, and writing new obligations into operators' licences.
Press release

30th July  5G

Arcep prepares for the future use of the 26 GHz and 1.5 GHz bands with a view to 5G network rollouts.
Press release

27th July  Numbering Plan

Consumer protection, changing uses and innovation, efficient number management: Arcep adopts a decision updating the national numbering plan.
Press release

27th July  Universal Postal Service

Arcep publishes its opinion on universal postal service prices for 2019.
Press release

26th July  Fiber Rollouts

Arcep adopts a recommendation on the consistency of FttH network rollouts.
Press release

16th July  5G

France establishes its roadmap for 5G and launches four priority courses of action
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13th July  Accessibility and the Disabled

The Government approves the Arcep decision defining use indicators and quality requirements for telephone service accessibility for people who are deaf, hearing impaired, deafblind or aphasic.
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10th July  Mobile Coverage in the Overseas Territories

Arcep expands its "mon réseau mobile" mapping tool to include France's overseas departments.
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5th July  Annual report and strategic review

Arcep publishes its annual report and delivers a progress report on its strategic roadmap
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27th June  Mobile coverage

Arcep publishes its first quarterly scorecard on the New Deal for mobile
Press release

27th June  Optical Fibre

Orange and SFR FttH rollout commitments in "AMII" areas: Arcep welcomes operators' proposed commitments.
Press release

21th June  Optical Fibre and Co-investment

In a dispute settlement, Arcep clarifies the terms governing Free's access to the Orange FttH networks that it is co-financing.
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Regulating competition in the wholesale market for terrestrial TV broadcasting: In its “scoreboard and outlook” Arcep recommends not renewing its regulation Press release

15th June  Calling All Europe

The end of roaming in Europe: Progress report, one year on.
Press release

7th June  Fixed broadband and superfast broadband market

FttH rollouts and take-up continue to make progress. Arcep details the progress being made in rollouts, on the local scale.
Press release

5th June  Open Internet

Arcep delivers its check-up of the internet in France, in a report submitted to Parliament.
Press release

25th May  Regional Digital Development

Superfast wireless window: Arcep issues its first superfast wireless licence in the Seine-et-Marne department.
Press release

22th May  Telconomics 2018

Arcep presents to the press and financial analysts market and telecom investment figures in 2017.
Press release

22th May  5G

Ouverture d'une consultation publique sur la libération de la bande de fréquences 26 GHz, bande " pionnière " pour le coup d'envoi des réseaux 5G.
Communiqué de presse

18th May  5G

Sébastien Soriano, Arcep chairman, in 5G India 2018 International conference in Mumbai (India) : "Sovereignty is a key topic. India & Europe are not only competitors. Together we will be stronger to make sure that our democracies are relying on a sufficient level of technological sovereignty"
The speech

17th May  Numbering Plan

Consumer protection, changing habits and innovation, efficient number management: Arcep consults on a draft decision on modernising the national numbering plan.
Press release

4th May  E-commerce / Parcels

European regulation on cross-border parcel delivery adopted, giving Arcep new powers.
Press release

3rd May  Mobile Services

Arcep publishes the Q1 2018 Mobile Services Observatory

17th April  Nomination

Anne Laurent appointed Arcep’s Director of Mobile and Innovation.
Press release

5th April  Implementation of a new deal on mobile coverage

Arcep opens a public consultation on the terms and methods for reallocating longstanding mobile telephony frequencies: 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2.1 GHz bands.
Press release

5th April  Electronic communications market

Arcep published Q4 2017 of the Observatory of the electronic communications market in France
The Observatory

30th March  Fibre rollouts

Arcep consultation on a draft recommendation on consistent FttH network rollouts.
Press release

8th March  Fixed broadband and superfast broadband market

Arcep is publishing its scoreboard for the fixed broadband and superfast broadband market (rollouts and subscriptions) in France at the end of 2017.
Press release

6th March  4G/Digitising the economy

Arcep launches a public consultation on the terms and methods for allocating 2.6 GHz TDD band spectrum to support professional mobile radio networks' transition to 4G.
Press release

26th February  In-Flight Internet Access

Arcep publishes the decision authorising Inmarsat Ventures Limited to operate ground-based stations to complement its satellite system.
Press release

19th February  Accessibility and the disabled

Arcep launches a public consultation on setting use indicators and quality conditions for telephone service accessibility for people who are deaf, hearing impaired, deaf-blind or aphasic
Press release

15th February  Open Internet

« Smartphones, tablets, voice assistants - Devices: weak link in achieving open internet access »
Arcep publishes a complete report, and suggests courses of action to guarantee an open internet, end to end.
Press release
The report

VoD of the conference of 15th February

1st February  Mobile Services

Arcep publishes the Q4 2017 Mobile Services Observatory

24th January  2018 New Year's Message

In the era of Europe and the New Deal, Arcep's message for 2018 is all about innovation.
Press release

22th January  Digital Coverage in the Regions

Arcep publishes today the " Results of the work done on achieving ubiquitous, high standard mobile coverage for every person in France ". This document was written by the Arcep and the Directorate-General for Enterprise.
Press release
Technical document

17th January  Data-Driven Regulation

Arcep and the Qosbee app, partners in monitoring mobile operators' QoS.
Press release

16th January  5G, Frequencies and Innovation

To prepare for the advent of 5G, Arcep opens a "5G pilot" window for all market players.
Press release

16th January  Appointment

The President of the National Assembly appoints Serge ABITEBOUL to the Arcep Executive Board.
Press release

14th January  Digital Coverage in the Regions

Signature of an historic agreement between the Government, Arcep and mobile operators to accelerate mobile coverage in the regions.
Press release

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