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Observatory / Mobiles Services

The mobile services observatory for Q4 2013

Last update 10th February 2014

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Unless otherwise stated, indicators are in million units.

1. National Report

2.1 Metropolitan Report (Total customers segmentation and total active customers)

2.2 Metropolitan Competition Report

2.3 Metropolitan Competition Report

2.4 Metropolitan Residentiel Market

2.5 Metropolitan Residentiel market (MVNO Market Shares)

3.1 Overseas Report: DOM, Saint-martin, Saint-Barthélémy, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon

3.2 Overseas Report: Antilles-Guyane

3.3 Overseas Report: Reunion, Mayotte


Total SIM cards: Total SIM cards registered with an operator's Home Location Register (HLR) at the date in question. So, for business clients, each line is considered as a post-paid contract. Post-paid cards are those whose service is invoiced regularly (packages, metered offers, blocked accounts, etc.). By default, any non-post-paying client is considered to be a pre-paying client.

MtoM SIM cards: number of SIM cards employed solely for remote machine-to-machine communications for uses other than person-to-person messaging or accessing the Internet.

Internet SIM cards: number of SIM cards sold by mobile operators (flat rates or prepaid cards), to be used solely for accessing the Internet (PCMCIA cards, 3G/3G+ USB keys). These cards cannot be used to make voice calls.

Gross sales: total SIM cards at the end of the quarter which are registered with the HLR during the quarter. They exclude migrations: pre-paid to post-paid migration corresponds to clients asking their operator to replace their pre-paid offer in force at the beginning of the quarter with a post-paid offer; conversely, post-paid to pre-paid migration corresponds to clients asking their operator to replace their post-paid offer in force at the beginning of the quarter with a pre-paid offer.

Cancellation Total SIM cards at the beginning of the quarter whose registration in the HLR was deleted during the quarter. Modifications to the registration in the HLR are not cancellations. So, this definition does not cover changes in offers within a line, or pre- to post-paid migrations or post- to pre-paid migrations, or service suspensions.

The penetration rate is obtained by dividing the total number of clients or the number of "active" clients by the population in question. The MIM publication of December 2006 updated the populations resulting from INSEE's ten-year census of 1st January 1999. From now on, the reference population is that published by INSEE on 1st January of the year in question, with no retroactive updating. On 1st January of year N, INSEE publishes its population estimates for 1st January of the year N-1. So, the reference population for 2013, taken from the estimates published on 1st January 2013 (and therefore on 1st January 2012), is a Metropolitan population of 63 409 191, to which are added a population of 2 242 271 for the DOM and COM, broken down as 1 081 000 inhabitants for the Antilles-Guyana area and 1 054 959 for the Réunion/Mayotte area. The Mayotte population of January 1st, 2011 results from an estimation of the World Bank.

Customers not under commitment contract: a client under a commitment contract is any client having taken out or renewed a contract (out of all or part of the contracts related to mobile service) for a minimum period not having expired at the date in question. A client not under commitment contract is any client not having a contract.

Total active customers: the number of active clients equals to all post-paid customers under contract and pre-paid customers under contract having made or received a telephone call, whether free or paid, sent a SMS, MMS or used a multimedia (e-mail, etc.) service during the past three months (not including incoming SMS).

The number of ported numbers is calculated as half of the volume of numbers of "in" porting and "out" porting done by all operators. "In" porting is considered to be an effective porting from the receiving operator's point of view. "Out" porting is an effective porting from the donor operator's point of view.


  • Metropolitan mobile network operators : Orange SA, Société Française du Radiotéléphone (SFR), Bouygues Telecom, Free mobile.
  • Overseas mobile network operators Orange Caraïbe, Orange Réunion, Société Réunionnaise du Radiotéléphone (SRR), Digicel AFG, SAS SPM, Dauphin Telecom, Outremer Telecom.
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators.