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Introducing ARCEP / The institution

The executive board

Last update 3rd April 2018

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A seven-member Executive Board

For regulation to be fair, it has to be independent of all operators present on the market. The regulator’s independence is guaranteed by the means by which the seven members of the Authority's Executive Board are appointed. Three of them are appointed by the President of the Republic, two by the President of the National Assembly and two by the President of the Senate.

The chairman of the Authority is appointed by the President of the Republic on proposal of the Prime Minister. Since the Act of 5 March 2007 on the future television, he is appointed after consulting the relevant parliamentary committees on electronic communications and postal sector (Committee on Economic Affairs, Environment and Territory to the National Assembly and Committee on Economic Affairs for the Senate).

The members are appointed for a term of six years, and their terms are irrevocable and non-renewable.

The Chairman and the members of the Executive Board

The three members appointed by the President of the Republic are :

. as chairman (on the proposal of the Prime Minister and after consultation of the relevant parliamentary committees) : SEBASTIEN SORIANO, chief engineer of Mines, appointed by Decree on 14 January 2015.

Sébastien SORIANO
succeeded to Jean-Ludovic SILICANI, State Councilor, whose term had ended on 3 January 2015. Jean-Ludovic Silicani succeeded to Jean-Claude MALLET, who resigned from office on 29 April 2009 for personal reasons and health. State Councilor, Jean-Claude MALLET was appointed chairman of the Authority on 31 December 2008; he had succeeded on 4 January 2009 to Paul Champsaur, General Inspector of INSEE, which itself had replaced Jean-Michel Hubert, general engineer in telecommunications, on 6 January 2003.

. as members :

- Monique LIEBERT-CHAMPAGNE, State Councilor, is appointed member of the board on 4 January 2017, to replace  Marie-Laure DENIS , whose 6-year term had ended.

- Philippe DISTLER, general engineer in telecommunications, named January 29, 2013, replacing Jérôme COUTANT whose term had ended.


The two members appointed by the President of the Senate are :

Arcep is waiting for the appointment of a new member at the beginning of 2018 to succeed Françoise BENHAMOU whose term has expired. 

Pierre-Jean BENGHOZI, director of research at CNRS, January 9, 2013 named to succeed Denis Rapone (appointed 12 January 2007), whose mandate has expired.


The two members appointed by the President of the National Assembly are :

- Martine LOMBARD, professor at the University of Paris-Dauphine and Panthéon-Assas, member of the Paris Bar Association, specialised in economic regulation, appointed on January 7, 2015 to replace Daniel-Georges COURTOIS, whose term has expired.

- Serge ABITEBOUL, Director of Research in computer sciences at the École Normale Supérieure de Paris and at Inria, appointed on January 12, 2018, to succeed Jacques STERN whose term has come to an end. 

These seven members form ARCEP’s Executive Board which defines ARCEP’s major directions, and adopts the decisions and opinions which are part of ARCEP’s general activity.

ARCEP practical information

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Adress : 7, square Max Hymans, 75730 Paris Cedex 15

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Phone number : + 33 (1) 40 47 70 00 

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Documentation center : Open afternoons by appointment (+33 1 40 47 70 48)